I am Bonnie B.

Photo by Angey Price

Photo by Angey Price

Bonnie B. Photography is me! It’s me and handsome husband Brian and Emmaline Jane and ridiculous dog Lucy and our church, our life, our new house, our addiction to coffee, our need for a Savior…it’s all here.  Iambonnieb.com is a place to connect with my awesome clients, a space to delight you with the insanity that is our life, an online collection of my favorite images from weddings, portrait sessions, your 1 year old’s birthday party, an afternoon at the park. It’s all here.

I am Bonnie B.

Here are some things you may or may not want to know about me:

1. Jesus Christ is everything to me.  In him there is freedom, joy, peace, and grace for each day. There is no Bonnie B. without him.

2. I love my adorable husband. He is my rock, my sounding board, my bff, my travel buddy, and my own personal chef.

3. We adopted our daughter Emmaline Jane aka “The Squish” last year.  We are amazed every single day that God matched us with such a special girl.

4. Coffee is always appreciated. I love it. I begin each day with homemade iced coffee, coconut milk creamer, and a generous handful of ice blended in a Starbucks tumbler.

5. We have a ridiculous dog. Lucy is a 6 year old long-haired red dachshund. Her love tank is never full. Ever. We. Must. Snuggle. All. Day.     She is also very naughty, and loves to run around the house like a crazy dog and make her sister laugh.

6. I’m a third-generation teacher. I took a year off to hang out with baby girl, and next fall I will return for my 7th year as a part-time preschool teacher. I really like being able to work as both a teacher and photographer, it’s been a healthy balance for me.

7. I’m passionate about orphan care and adoption. Brian and I are currently working with the state foster system as adoptive parents. We are a “forever home” for kids who are legally free for adoption and cannot stay in their foster placement. The need is great for foster and adoptive families in the US. I’m anxious to use Bonnie B. Photography as a platform to bring awareness to the issue and turn that awareness into action.

8. My Papaw gave me my first real camera. He pulled a manual film Canon out of his garage and handed it to me. It was love at first sight. He later followed that gift with 2 vintage cameras that he kept for decades. These are some of my most treasured possessions, I love using them in my sessions!

 I would love to have the honor of being your photographer. It has been amazing to not only work with fantastic clients, but learn their stories, walk with them, and become a part of capturing the memories that make up their own personal narrative.  Take a look around the blog, see what I’m all about!

Questions? Email me and say “hey” at:




3 thoughts on “I am Bonnie B.

  1. I have always been interested in photos, it so blesses and pleases me to see how you have become a professional at it. Tell the other family that I have willed you my old but very special to me cameras. I may even give them to you at our next meeting…I have viewed all of your work on your site.

  2. Well, daughter, you caused some tears in your old parents eyes when you made the comment about being a third generation teacher. We just realized that amazing fact about our family. Papaw then Cky and now you. One day maybe Emmi will be one!

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