I’m Back!

Excuse me while I dust off the Bonnie B. blog and remember how to write posts! Wow, I mean wow. So much has happened in that silent period since my last post. We have one happy, squishy, hilarious, loud, special, smart 11 month old ruling our world right now. I wish this post was full of photos of her. (Trust me, I have gigs and gigs of photos on my hard drive and I’m constantly backing up my iphone to make more room!) Brian and I are discussing how we will handle online exposure, and since the adoption will be finalized any day now, we will probably wait a bit until she is officially a Horton. Crazy times, God is so surprising in how He works out the glorious details.

Many of you have asked if I’m still doing photography, and the answer is Yes! I took the summer off (though I still did the sessions already on the books) and I’m back behind the camera! Juggling mom life and wife life and small business life and church life is quite the interesting thing, but we are slowly making it all work out.

I recently did a session with the sweetest senior girl, have I mentioned how much I LOVE senior portrait sessions? So much freedom to really take some risks and make the session unique to the client. Mary and her mom contacted me through the brilliant Angey Price, and we scheduled a face-to-face consultation to chat about who Mary is and what kinds of things bring her the most joy. We ended up in a super fun (secret) location and Mary brought along her vintage typewriter. I was basically in heaven. Here are a few of my favorites, and stay tuned for a full post of Mary’s session!


marydaley-0149 MaryBlog4 marydaley-9966 marydaley-9993 untitled-0194


Friday Favorites: Alison’s Sweet Sixteen

This week’s Friday Favorites are some frames from Alison the Intern’s Sweet Sixteen Session! We had a TON of fun just running around Wake Forest and being silly and as creative as we wanted to be. These are some of the last images from the session, right when the sun was peeeerfect.

I’m off to downtown Raleigh to do another Sweet Sixteen session this afternoon. Hope your weekend is a good one!

Alison16-1378 Alison16-1390 Alison16-1392 Alison16-1399Alison16-1405

Senior Portrait/Inspired Session: Kevin

This is my first senior portrait session of 2012! Introducing Kevin, one of the coolest people I know. My husband and I volunteer with the student ministry at our church, and through that we meet some exceptional young adults. I’ve known Kevin for a while, and when it came time to schedule his senior portraits I pitched a few outlandish ideas to him to make his session personal (and awesome), all of which centered on our ability to somehow magically remove his piano from his house and place it into the forest. After Kevin, my husband, and the laws of physics shot down my awesome piano idea…. I pitched another one…

I wanted to do a photo session inspired by the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee.

Kevin was on board, I knew it was one of his favorites and we had several conversations about why it’s an incredible book. I zeroed in on the character of Atticus Finch, and decided to use him as inspiration for Kevin’s session. I’ve never seen the 1962 movie adaptation, so I looked at stills from the movie and grabbed some ideas for wardrobe from  Mr. Gregory Peck himself. Hopefully sometime in the future I can write more about how I storyboarded this session and where I got the inspiration from. This was my first Inspired Session, so I kept it simple and used a few simple props, a couple wardrobe pieces, and pulled one dominant character trait from the pages of the novel to focus on.

This session was a lot of fun! We started with some more traditional shots for the first half of the session. Kevin is an accomplished pianist and has been teaching piano for a while, so we were delighted to find a small chapel where we could get some shots of him at the piano.

(click on the photo to see a larger version)

Next we went headed back to downtown Wake Forest.You probably can’t even graduate high school in this area without having your photo taken in front of a brick building in downtown Wake Forest. =) The bottom right is my favorite.

We began our Inspired session about halfway through after a quick wardrobe change. Downtown Wake Forest has so many interesting spots just waiting to be discovered. This location never caught my eye before, even though I have probably passed it a thousand times!

In the novel, Atticus Finch is usually reading a court case or a huge legal volume, and the love of knowledge  is one of the sub-themes. PS those books were heavy!!

True story, the train hardly ever comes through here (which is why I decided this was safe place to shoot!) so the appearance of the train made this photo about 150% more awesome!

The Gregory Peck inspired glasses were actually prescription glasses owned by my assistant and Kevin’s friend Rebekah. (Hence the squinting)

The next two photos were taken by Rebekah. Great job!

As we ended the session, I asked Kevin for one word to describe Atticus Finch.


Courage in the face of blind hatred and ignorance.

Courage with the awareness that his community, his family, and his children are watching his every move.

Courage with the awareness that he must act with integrity, even if no one is watching.

I love these last images, how he brings elements from the past and the present together.

Living a life of integrity demands courage, whether you are Atticus Finch trying to save an innocent man, or a brand new adult about to experience the world for the first time.

Congratulations Kevin! May you have that kind of courage as you follow God’s path for you.

Bonnie B