Now is the Start


I feel that familiar “I’m such a failure at blogging” feeling as I just looked at my last post from OCTOBER 2014. Granted, there has been tragedy and upheaval and sadness and joy and stress and traveling all stuffed into this 5 month silence. There is a giant lump in my throat as I try to type words about losing both my paternal grandparents 49 days apart. The holidays were tough and joyful and fun and somber all at the same time. We just bought our first house, and I’m literally having regular nightmares about it. My little brother recently got married to his perfect match, and I smile and laugh out loud as I edit those photos. Our little Emmaline Jane is growing and talking and learning and defying the odds every day. YOU GUYS, SHE IS SO HEALTHY! There are more words to say about her, and I am working on writing our story. She needs me to write it, and every day I become more sure that God wants us to be very vulnerable and share the story he wrote for us. The photos above are from Easter Sunday, and like every other poor child in the Southern United States….she was forced to take photos outside instead of being allowed to eat and take a nap. It’s a long and glorious tradition. Look at those curls! We didn’t know they existed until the good old North Carolina humidity set in last week. The dress kills me, and she loves her disco shoes and the way they throw sparkles on everything. She’s a mess. I love every bit of her.

I opened an Etsy shop, and I’m still doing sessions and weddings and events! Running a small business and taking care of a family is a hard balancing act, and I’m ok with working less and pouring energy and creativity and love into fewer sessions and events. Many of the people already on the calendar for 2015 are those who have stayed with me for years! I love getting calls and emails and texts from clients who have become friends. They are the heart of Bonnie B. Photography and I could not stay at home and watch my little girl grow up without their loyalty and support. It’s an honor to watch their children grow up, to document their memories, and to be a tiny part of their family history.

I’m dreaming up new ideas and projects! The need for foster families and adoptive families in the US is so great, and I’m looking for ways to advocate and share and hopefully use my words and any influence I have to encourage families to bring home these sons and daughters. I’m also hoping to branch out and help families preserve their memories by offering a photo archiving service. It’s hearbreaking to sort through a loved one’s belongings and find photos that we will never know the story behind. I would love to help families tell those stories, preserve them, and have a family narrative to treasure and read and look at and show to their children and grandchildren.

Well, that is a random assortment of what I have been up to! How about a song?

This song is one of my favorites from A Fine Frenzy. The lyrics are all about a fresh start and renewal and pushing forward. I love the line that says “Unafraid you can name your scars.” You can watch the video if you want! Thanks for being a pal and reading all this.

Bonnie B.

Bonnie B. Senior Special! //Wake Forest Senior Portrait Photographer


Calling all Class of 2014 Seniors!

It’s not too late to book an inspired senior portrait session with me! Are you a senior guy who hates the idea of getting senior portraits done? Have no fear! I pride myself in crafting senior portrait sessions that are inspired by YOU and what YOU love. Book a session with me, and I solemnly swear that there will be no goofy props and no leaning against trees. You may even find yourself having fun.

Book a session with Bonnie B. Photography, bring your best buddy to make you laugh, and you may just be surprised at the results.

Check the “How Much” tab for pricing and packages OR check out my Senior Special Package!

**Senior Special**


-One to two hour portrait session

-Personalization of session

(props, details, location)

-Online gallery for viewing, sharing, ordering

-Custom flash drive with high-res digital files of all edited photos

-2 sheets of wallet prints (16 total)

-1 8×10 professional print

-2 5×7 professional prints

-One 5.5×5.5 “Brag Book” custom photobook

(perfect size for showing off your photos!)

Email me at for more info and to book your inspired senior session!

Bonnie B.

Catanzaro Kids//Wake Forest Family Photographer

I spent last weekend in Atlanta with my BFF and her ridiculously good looking family. We ate way too many cookies, went to the mall, stopped at Starbucks, went to the grocery store, stopped at Starbucks, watched Netflix, stopped at Starbucks….and oh yeah we did a family photo session! Sometimes you simply need to go around the corner to your favorite park and play and be goofy. Thankfully, we had a key to the tennis court! Unfortunately, JoJo and Elli are really really serious kids and they couldn’t really let loose in front of the camera…

Just kidding. Love them to pieces. ::smooch::


I insisted that they are not allowed to grow up, but they both told me that I could still be THEIR baby…except I’m too big. I’m still not sure what that means, but they are adorable so I just laugh and give them candy. 🙂 Can’t wait to share more!

Bonnie B.

Hello 2014!

Thxgiving 2013-4410

Really, 2014? I feel like 2014 is a number that makes more sense in some futuristic sci fi movie where everyone wears grey jumpsuits and we all have a flying car and robot butlers. (Pretty sure I just mixed up The Jetsons and that new tv show Almost Human…the one with Eomer from The Lord of the Rings… but now he’s a cop with an android as a partner.)

I watched a ton of Hulu and Amazon Prime shows over break, so anyways…

It’s pretty natural to look a shiny brand new year and either be excited about the possibilities or kind of discouraged about the failures and perceived setbacks of the previous year. I think it’s been a bit of both for me. Instead of jumping on the New Year Resolution bandwagon, I’ve decided to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider some personal and professional goals for the year. I’ve been following these goal setting steps from Lara Casey and I love how the very first step is celebrating victories and what worked in 2013. I was amazed at how this exercise really began to spark visions for this year, and how it gently revealed what has been lacking.

So what can I celebrate?

Giving, sharing, serving others.

What is lacking?

Giving, sharing, serving others.


As I have been working through this process, this is basically what God has been saying to my heart:

Look, look at what I accomplished through you when your eyes were fixed on me and not yourself. Look at friendships that deepened and people who became dear to you. Look at those times when Love demanded more than you thought you could give or even wanted to give. Look at the portraits of clients you truly invested yourself in. Look at your marriage and how I’ve transformed it. Look at those risks you took, sharing when you could have been silent, giving when you knew it might get thrown back in your face, reading stories of orphans and praying over them, knowing that they are lost in a system of bureaucracy and paperwork. Look at what I have done and will do if you will simply let me have your heart.

This sharing thing, it doesn’t come easy to me. There are times of sharing to celebrate, but it is still lacking in my life and work. I think this little blog is a great place to share, so I hope to not only share my photography with you, but also the big and little things that make up my whole crazy life. For instance:

Did you know that I teach preschool part-time during the week? Well I do. I spend most of my time there teaching 2 year olds how to-

Yes, you guessed it…


I hope you can look back at your 2013 list of Victories and Defeats and see Grace scribbled all over the page. God is so good to give me another year to do the work he has for me. I hope to see all of your beautiful faces in front of my camera, and I’m excited to be a part of your story!

Bonnie B.

Friday Favorites: Alison’s Sweet Sixteen

This week’s Friday Favorites are some frames from Alison the Intern’s Sweet Sixteen Session! We had a TON of fun just running around Wake Forest and being silly and as creative as we wanted to be. These are some of the last images from the session, right when the sun was peeeerfect.

I’m off to downtown Raleigh to do another Sweet Sixteen session this afternoon. Hope your weekend is a good one!

Alison16-1378 Alison16-1390 Alison16-1392 Alison16-1399Alison16-1405

Friday Favorites: Constantine and Anna

I wanted to post a few frames from Constantine and Anna’s wedding weekend this past July! I promise that a full post is coming, but for now enjoy some of my favorite images of their cozy backyard ceremony and downtown Raleigh portrait session.

Brian and I are headed to a marriage conference this weekend, and I’m looking forward to a long overdue haircut and color! I hope your weekend is a good one!

-C+A Ceremony6516.jpg
-C+A Ceremony7142.jpg
-C+A Ceremony6603.jpg
-C+A Ceremony6850.jpg
-C+A Ceremony7061.jpg
-C+A Ceremony7096.jpg

The B. stands for Brian

 People often ask me what the “B.” in Bonnie B. stands for, and though I’ve made up several joking replies to this question, “Bonnie B.” is simply one of my many childhood nicknames. Bonnie is an easy target for nicknames (and for sibling torture…no matter what my siblings say..I was never ever at fault), and there are too many variations to count. Try Bonnekins, Boo Boo, Bonsai, Bonnie Boo, Bonnie Blue (Gone With the Wind reference, anyone?) or even Bonnerella.

The B. was a placeholder, a branding element, a way to keep my name out there without boring people to death with “Bonnie Horton Photography.”  I mean, I actually think I nodded off while writing that.

I have no problem taking an element and attaching meaning to it later on. Some ideas come on slowly and just need that framework to be waiting for them where they can fit perfectly like a certain dachshund curled up in a basket of my freshly washed clothes.

He’s no dachshund, but now the B. stands for Brian.


I asked this handsome man to join Team Bonnie B. Not as a part-time second shooter or occasional assistant/moral supporter/reflector holder, but as an essential element in a business that is ready to grow.

You see, after watching an entire day of Creative Live workshops with husband and wife team Zach and Jody Gray, I realized something crucial about Bonnie B. Photography.

I can’t do it alone.

I asked Brian to join the team to do those things that he excels at and that I waste hours trying to figure out on my own. I asked him to keep me accountable in the time I invest in my clients. He is going to push me to do better, be better, create more, and maximize the reach and the scope of the biz. I asked him to please please please handle my receipts and accounting. He likes that stuff. I would rather poke my eye out with a stick than look at numbers on an Excel sheet.

So what does this mean for my lovely clients? It means more time behind the camera and less in front of a screen. It means that there is time for location scouting, workshops, client meetings, and time to hone my skills and remember the joy of photography. It means golden afternoons with YOU and the people you love, just soaking up the goodness that is God’s grace in the gift of family, friends, graduations, weddings, or a brand new baby.

I’m looking forward to the future, one that holds new opportunities for a stellar team.

Oh, and staff meetings at coffee shops. Those are important too. So so so important.

Bonnie B.

Book a Session with Bonnie B. !


Today is the day to book your Bonnie B. Photography fall session! I would absolutely love to fill up my calendar with clients who are ready for a fun Bonnie B. Photography experience! Let’s play at your favorite park, or get a snack at your favorite frozen yogurt stand. Let’s have a dance party in the backyard, roast marshmallows, or go to downtown Raleigh and get a fantastic cup of coffee. I’d love to capture the moments in time that are special to you. 

Click on the “How Much” tab for some investment info

Email me at to ask about booking

Bonnie B. 

Audrey’s First Birthday

Ok full disclosure: this party happened in April of this year. I was going to blog Audrey’s 1 Year old portraits today (adorable stuff that is more recent…like July) but then I remembered that we had a ridiculously fun time at her birthday party. So there. It’s my blog and I get to do what I want.

I don’t know if you know this, but I kind of adore this family. Audrey is a part of this huge, loud, crazy, loving, crazy (did I say that twice? I meant to) family that lets me and Brian tag along and be a sister and brother, auntie and uncle, and (let’s be real) a daughter and son. (Richard, you know you love us) Jennah and Craig have been clients since before there was an Audrey, so not only do I get to go to a fun birthday party, I get to do photos too!

The food was delish, by the way.

Also, you may or may not spot me in a few photos. ❤


Book Me for Your Next Session!

Book Me for Your Next Session!

Hey guys! Just a quick post today! I’m slowly updating the site, so check out the “How Much?” tab at the top if you are interested in investing in a Bonnie B. session. You can find the basic info on that page, and I will be glad to email you the entire file that walks you through how to book a session with me. I also have packages for maternity-1 year, and of course wedding packages to fit your needs. Email me at for more info!